Tomorrow “The Line” in Detmold

nullTomorrow June 10th at 17:00 “The Line” will screen at the 6th International Short Film Festival in Detmold, Germany. That’s a great little festival filled with friendly and enthusiastic people. I attended last year with another film but unfortunately this year I won’t be able to attend. So, if you’re in the region go take a look and let me know how it goes!


The Line on IMDB

IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base) I think is the most important website in the film industry. It is the reference for everyone and everything regarding Cinema in the world, it´s where everyone finds out who took part on which film, read reviews, etc.

Getting a short film or one self into this data base is not an easy task either, one need to prove that one works actively in the industry in a proffessional way or at least working towards it.

We´ve got the news that “The Line” got its own IMDB page, which is absolutely great because now the film exists officially as a legitimate work in the eyes of the film industry and adds to the longed IMDB resume. When IMDB started there was not much of a trouble getting a short film into the databes, but lately, since it has turned into a reference for proffessionals, only short films that are registered in qualifying Film Festivals are granted an IMDB page. “The Line” is registered in the Marbella International Film Festival which is a qualifying IMDB festival and that´s why we got the page.

So now we need to update content as we go, but a few of the rubrics are already there and even the teser trailer can be seen. In the future we´ll try to upload more videos, pictures and include all crew members.

So go ahead, visit our IMDB page and if you have seen the film don´t hesitate to give your vote!

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“The Line” TODAY in Ukraine at the International Rights Film Festival STEPS

“The Line” has been accepted to the International Rights Film Festival STEPS in the city of Kharkiv, Ukraine. We submitted our film to this festival since the theme of a crime committed at the Berlin Wall fitted perfectly into the guidelines of this festival that portrays human rights documentaries, features and shorts. We are playing in competition today (December 17th) at 19:00 in support of a Feature film from Russia, which is great because people will see only our short movie before the Feature film during the program and not many short films in one program as it´s normally done in short film festivals. So if you know someone from that part of the world, let them know!

“The Line” accepted to the CineGlobe Short Film Festival in Switzerland!

We just got the mail announcing the selection of the festival and we were happy to see that our film has been accepted to the 2010 CineGlobe Short Film Festival in Geneva, Switzerland, 16th to 20th of February 2010.

The festival will play at the modern CERN, Globe of Science and Innovation, which looks like a pretty cool place to watch movies. We will see if we can attend the festival and experience it in person.

This would be our second International Festival after we found out we played in Turkey and our 3rd overall Festival run. Great news!

“The Line” screened in Turkey

A few weeks ago I accidentally found that our short film was screened at the 10. International Izmir Short Film Festival in Turkey. According to the website, the film played on Wednesday Nov. 4th at 19:30. I was impressed since I didn´t reeceive any notification from the festival that we got accepted, so I didn´t say anything until I contacted the organizers. After a couple of weeks finally the Fetival´s programmer answered with this VERY short message: “Dear Xavier,
Sorry for the late reply. I guess there was a problem to send you the notification. Your film was screened as “Official Selection – out of Competition” section of the festival.” No further explanations or apologies.

So, that was actually our Premiere, since it was even before we did the event at Kastanienalle in Berlin and I DIDN´T EVEN KNOW!!. Well at least the info about the festival says it´s the biggest event for short films in Turkey, so it´s not so bad to have had our Premiere there, even without knowing.

Filmfest Düsseldorf report

We played last Wednesday at the 7. HHU Filmfest in Düsseldorf. There were a couple of fimls I had already seen in other festivals so I knew what we were up against. Unfortunately the film played with terrible sound which, for people who have seen the film, know it´s very important part of it. I learned on a book about film festivals that you shouldn´t complain about technical issues in festivals since they deal with different films, in different formats, with differents audio levels, etc., so there´s no point on complaining about something that already went wrong. Anyway I think the audience of “The Line” is also not the one we encountered at the auditorium, which was packed with late teens, early twenties year old students. I think our target group is a bit more adult, 25 up. I also noticed that the whole Berlin Wall theme is actually not very hot at this western part of Germany. I went to see a film called Lieber Mauer (Dear Wall) which is about a love story playing in 1989 Berlin just before the wall came down, and even though the movie had its premiere just 2 days before, we were only 5 people at the cinema, which makes me draw this conclusion. We did have some nice comments from the organizers of the festival who expressed interest in projects to come. The whole festival experience is also very fruitful when you meet fellow film makers and you  simply network around.

The audience award went to a nice film called Eni, by Ingo Monitor and Jury award for a very well done animation film called Milbe by Karl Tebbe, wich actually played at this year´s SXSW film festival which is one of the biggest indie festivals in the U.S. you can see a trailer below.

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Small review about “The Line” Premiere from a fellow bloger

We got a nice review from a blog called “An Englishman in Berlin”.

He wrote a nice tagline for the film that I asked permission to use from now on: “the line between east and west, past and present, the living and the dead.”

Read the whole thing here:

Thanks to the English Man!